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  3. Genco makes first full crew change during COVID-19
Genco makes first full crew change during COVID-19

Genco makes first full crew change during COVID-19

Genco Shipping & Trading Limited announced the successful full crew change of Genco Liberty, a 180,032 DWT Capesize vessel, marking the first full crew change under new COVID-19 protocols in Singapore.


37 seafarers were involved in this crew change, completed on 6 June 2020 and executed in accordance with the protocols established by Genco, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Synergy Group.

“Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, many individuals have been onboard oceangoing vessels in excess of the duration of their contracts, keeping them away from their families. Port restrictions, difficulty arranging travel and ensuring the health of the on-signing crew members have all posed unique challenges that have prevented many shipowners from being able to undertake crew rotations in a safe and effective manner,"said John C. Wobensmith, Chief Executive Officer.

The protocols developed by Genco, the MPA and the Coordination Committee set out quarantine and repatriation policies for seafarers to safeguard health and safety, taking into account factors such as testing, the availability of personal protective gear, transportation and logistical problems, and local community protection.

The protocols include quarantining all arriving crew members for 14 days before boarding the vessel, receiving personal protective equipment kits.

Genco said that, in addition to strict protocols to safeguard our crews from COVID-19 exposure, it continues to work on making changes to the crew where permissible by ports regulations and mariners' origin.

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