3. Friendship 2020 joint exercise ends
Friendship 2020 joint exercise ends

Friendship 2020 joint exercise ends

The joint Friendship Bridge 2020 exercise between the Russian Navy and the Arab Republic of Egypt's Naval Forces (Navy) ended with the Black Sea Fleet.


The aim of the exercise is to reinforce and establish military cooperation between the Egyptian Navy and the Russian Navy in order to ensure protection and stability at sea, as well as to share experience between personnel in the repulsion of various threats in heavy navigation areas.

The main exercises were carried out at sea in the maritime phase during the exercise. A variety of joint exercises were carried out by Russian and Egyptian sailors, including the search and rescue of a drowned man, the escorting behind trawls, the repulsion of an assault by a small-sized mock enemy, the organization of resupply at sea by a crossing process, and inspection operations against suspicious vessels.

Joint artillery fire was successfully carried out at surface and air targets, as well as at the floating mines of a simulated enemy, as part of the exercise for the systematic safety and defense of ships.

The detachment of Egyptian Navy ships comprises the Alexandrian Frigate, the Corvette al-Fateh, and the Missile Boat M. Fahmi.

On the Russian side, the forces of the Black Sea Fleet took part in the maneuvers, including Admiral Makarov's frigate, Orekhovo-small Zuevo's missile ship, Dmitry Rogachev's patrol ship and Professor Nikolai Muru's rescue tugboat.

At the final summary meeting, in spite of challenging hydrometeological conditions, members of the joint leadership of the exercise from both sides accepted the Friendship Bridge exercise as legitimate and successful.

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