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  3. French shipping major CMA CGM resumes calls to Beirut
French shipping major CMA CGM resumes calls to Beirut

French shipping major CMA CGM resumes calls to Beirut

As the operating situation in the port of Beirut is now back to normal again, French shipping major CMA CGM has resumed calls to this port.


The company added that all CMA CGM lines will resume their calls at the port of Beirut in keeping with their usual schedules. In addition, CMA CGM said that its intermodal facilities will be completely secured in Lebanon thanks to the mobilization of local workers and partners.

The headquarters of CMA CGM in Lebanon, located a few hundred meters from the site of the blast, was heavily damaged. Several staff were wounded, one of whom reported missing on 6 August.

“Damages to Beirut terminal being less serious than what could be expected after the tragic events that took place on 4 August, a first CMA CGM vessel m/v Nicolas Delmas has been operated with success on Monday,” CMA CGM stated.

The company proceeded to serve Lebanon via the ports of Tripoli, situated 80 km from Beirut, and initiated a contingency plan with three temporary offices in Beirut and Tripoli.

CMA CGM announced the launch of the "Humanitarian Ship for Lebanon" campaign, contributing to international relief efforts by shipping medical equipment and critical goods and items to assist the Lebanese population, following the devastating blasts that hit Beirut.

The campaign will enable the transport of emergency equipment and critical goods and products supplied by the NGO partners of the CMA CGM Foundation and the group's partner companies. The project also has the blessing of strongly engaged French public bodies that have been mobilized.

The group is mobilizing its teams to centralize, organize and transport the humanitarian supplies of participating organizations with a clearly defined and vetted framework to receive them on Lebanese soil.

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