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  3. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines heading to Black Sea in 2022
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines heading to Black Sea in 2022

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines heading to Black Sea in 2022

At its 2022 itineraries, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines is offering a sneak peak with the early release of a 28-night Black Sea Discovery with the Mediterranean liner, setting sail from Dover on the classic Balmoral in September 2022.


The cruise will offer opportunities to explore many vibrant Mediterranean towns and cities, before a scenic trip along the narrow Bosphorus Strait and into the Black Sea.

“This is set to be a fantastic cruise. In just one holiday, guests will have the opportunity to sample wines in the rolling vineyards of Georgia, taste fresh tea on one of Sochi’s many plantations, get lost in one of the world’s largest Catacombs in Ukraine, experience the vibrant cities of Valletta and Istanbul and take in the stunning views on a boat tour along the Danube," Jackie Martin, Marketing and Sales Director at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said.

Balmoral's 28-night L2222 Black Sea Discovery with the Mediterranean cruise, leaving Dover on September 27, 2022, will call the following ports, starting at £4,299 per passenger.

The route will include: Dover, UK – Gibraltar, Gibraltar – Valletta, Malta – Cruising Dardanelles at sunset – Istanbul, Turkey – cruising Bosphorus Strait at sunset – Sochi, Russia – Batumi, Georgia – Odessa, Ukraine – Constanta, Romania – cruising Bospherus Strait – cruising Dardanelles – Piraeus (for Athens), Greece – Katakolon, Greece – cruising Strait of Messina – Mahon, Menorca, Spain – Dover, UK.

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