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  3. First meeting of AUTOPLAN held with project partners and consultants
First meeting of AUTOPLAN held with project partners and consultants

First meeting of AUTOPLAN held with project partners and consultants

The project kick-off meeting of the AUTOPLAN (Automatic Navigation Assistance System for Planing and Semi-planning Crafts) occurred on 10 September 2020 with the participation of the project partners and consultants.


The participants were including Uzmar Shipyard (Project Coordinator-Turkey), Technical University of Berlin (Germany), Friendship Systems AG (Germany), OES-Offshore Engineering Solutions Inc. (Turkey), Mersin University (Consultant-Turkey),SVA Potsdam (Germany) and Piri Reis University(Consultant-Turkey).

At the end of some very successful discussions, the work plan had been decided. A more efficient and environmentally friendly high speed planing boat will be built via the project. Meanwhile, through prediction of critical circumstances, an Intelligent Navigation Assistance (INA) system will be developed to increase the operational safety of planing vessels.

The project will explore the application of Autonomous Systems to enhance safety and comfort while reducing the effect of the human element in maritime accidents. An advanced prototype boat will be designed after numerical simulations and model validation tests and extensive full-scale sea testing will be carried out.

This project is funded by German Federal ministry for economic affairs and energy and TUBITAK Turkey and in the frame of MarTERA (Maritime and Marine Technologies for a new Era) initiative, an ERA-NET Cofund supported by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


The kick off MarTERA 2019 meeting was held on 15th of September by the contribution of eleven countries including MarTERA partners and the coordinators of the twelve funded projects. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the meeting will be held as a one-day online conference.

The project coordinators highlighted the  goals and ideas of their projects. As the project Coordinator, UZMAR have presented the vision of the AUTOPLAN project. The meeting successfully connected the project partners to each other for future co-operations. 

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