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  3. First LPG-retrofit of the world to start sea trials
First LPG-retrofit of the world to start sea trials

First LPG-retrofit of the world to start sea trials

The first successful conversion of the main engine aboard the LPG carrier was reportedly carried out on BW Gemini, from a MAN B&W 6G60ME-C9,2 type to a MAN B&W 6G60ME-LGIP dual-fuel type capable of running on fuel oil and LPG.


“Retrofitting allows us to minimize our carbon footprint – the process emits up to 97% less carbon dioxide compared to a newbuilding construction. Retrofitting also means that we do not add additional tonnage that the world does not need. In addition, BW LPG’s fleet is already widely recognized amongst charterers for its efficiency, and so retrofitting 12 of its vessels to dual-fuel LPG would help to further reinforce the company’s strong reputation in this area," said Pontus Berg, EVP, Technical and Operations, LPG, BW LPG.

The beginning of gas and sea trials will make the BW Gemini the first commercial vessel in the world to be powered by a dual-fuel two-stroke LPG engine. The conversion is the first of 12 vessels ordered by BW LPG in its fleet for a series of vessels.

In September 2018, prior to the official launch of the engine at its Copenhagen Research Centre, MAN Energy Solutions announced the first four BW LPG retrofit orders for its new MAN B&W ME-LGIP LGP powered engine.

Subsequently, a type approval / parent engine test was carried out in February 2020 at the STX works licensee in Korea with the TAT accepted by all the classification societies.

In early August 2020, the BW Gemini docked at Yui Lian Ship Yard in Shenzen, China for conversion. The MAN PrimeServ project team worked primarily remotely to drive the conversion forward due to pandemic restrictions.

Sea trials with the LPG carrier are scheduled for October 2020 due to the re-entry into commercial trading following their successful completion.

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