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  3. First Liebherr LRS 545 Reachstacker for India
First Liebherr LRS 545 Reachstacker for India

First Liebherr LRS 545 Reachstacker for India

Bothra Shipping Services Pvt Ltd. has taken delivery of a new Liebherr LRS 545 Reachstacker for its Kakinada Port container operation.


Furthermore, Bothra is awaiting delivery of a new Liebherr training simulator.

Liebherr has delivered a new LRS 545 Reachstacker to Bothra Shipping Services Pvt Ltd. at Kakinada Port. The new Reachstacker is being used at Bothra Shipping Group’s busy port for container operation predominantly for the stacking of containers inside the terminal. Bothra Group opted for a Liebherr Reachstacker because of the smooth handling features and the high total economic value of the machine.

Low total cost of ownership

The LRS 545 is designed for highly responsive operation to allow high performance in a relaxed manner. The innovative individual drive concept ensures that, a hydraulic motor independently drives each wheel. Not only is this a more compact solution, it reduces tyre scrubbing and thereby increases tyre life. The reduced wear and tear of the tires strongly contributes to low total cost of ownership. By removing the mechanical gearbox element, the drive of the machine from acceleration to braking is smooth and step less, which provides added sensitivity at low speeds and increases driver comfort.

Another significant factor for good total cost of ownership of a Reachstacker is of course fuel consumption. The highly efficient hydrostatic drive system of the LRS 545 makes a reduction in engine size possible. Fitted with a 4-cylinder 230 kW engine that meets Tier 4f requirements, fuel consumption as low as 12 to 14 litres per hour can be achieved.


New training simulator for ship and port cranes

Bothra Shipping Group operates eleven Liebherr mobile harbour cranes in total - from LHM 400 over LHM 425 to seven LHM 550. The cranes are used for bulk operation as Bothra handles a huge volume of coal. Therefore, some cranes are also equipped with Liebherrs self-learning system SmartGrip that increases material handling performance and protects the crane from being overloaded.

The India Shipping Group also awaits delivery of one multipurpose ship crane type CBW, which will be installed on a barge for open sea operation. Another fixed cargo crane type FCC 300 was already installed on a fixed foundation pedestal directly on quayside.

In order to further increase their crane operator skills Bothra Shipping Group recently installed a new training classroom equipped with a Liebherr LiSIM simulator. The simulator offers the original Liebherr crane controls and is equipped with simulations software for both crane types, mobile harbour cranes and ship cranes.


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