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  3. Fincantieri to work with the Yucatán Government for a new shipyard
Fincantieri to work with the Yucatán Government for a new shipyard

Fincantieri to work with the Yucatán Government for a new shipyard

Fincantieri reports that the Ministry of Economic Development and Labour of the State of Yucatán (Mexico) has signed a letter of intent (LoI) to engage in the design and construction of a new ship repair, conversion and maintenance yard.


The facility will be built within the scope of the extension and modernization of the Port of Progreso, the state's main port, approx. 35 kilometers from Merida, the capital. A new field will be devoted entirely to manufacturing activities here.

For the exclusive management of the new yard, Fincantieri will be given a 40-year concession.

The project envisages two dry docks, the largest in the Americas, capable of hosting ships up to 400 meters in length, especially cruise ships, large container ships and oil and gas vessels requiring complex operations.

The yard will also have a platform for lifting units up to 150 meters in length, docks of approximately 1,000 meters, cranes, workshops, special equipment, offices, and warehouses.

Indeed, through a special purpose corporation, the Government will directly oversee the initial works, handle the dredging and development of the infrastructures and key plants. In order to carry out the later process, Fincantieri is to provide advice from the very beginning, often involving other stakeholders, to build advanced facilities, in particular workshops and lifting equipment, and to install the equipment and finally start operations.

Every year, Mexico exports close to $400 billion in goods, importing about $350 billion.

A large amount of this import/export is made by sea shipments. Not to mention the large cruise traffic along the coasts of the United States, in the Caribbean and in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Maya civilization's famous settlements are located.

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