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Evoqua Introduces Service Solution for Electrochlorination Systems

Evoqua Introduces Service Solution for Electrochlorination Systems

Offshore and marine operators of electrochlorination-based marine growth prevention systems are set to benefit from a new maintenance and service initiative from the world’s leader in the market: Evoqua Water Technologies.


Bringing together more than 100 years of water treatment expertise from a number of the company’s brands and divisions, Evoqua Electrochlorination Services (EES) has been established to provide a total after-sales service solution for all electrochlorination marine growth prevention systems (MGPS), regardless of the manufacturer or design.

Ed McNally, Director of Service & Aftermarket for Evoqua’s Electrocatalytic business, said: “EES puts Evoqua Water Technologies in the unique position of being the only system supplier to provide through-life support for any electrochlorination-based MGPS in the market, including mesh, flat plate or concentric tube electrode types.

“Our customers often operate a number of systems from different manufacturers which invariably means calling out service personnel and securing spare parts from three or four different companies. Now operators can simply work with a single supplier, irrespective of the systems they operate, to provide more cost-effective, expedient means of supporting their MGPS maintenance requirements.

ed-mcnally.jpg“As an early pioneer in the development of electro-chlorination systems we have the requisite knowledge and expertise to overhaul, maintain, install and commission any MGPS system, or, if preferred, we can retrofit our own proprietary solution, Chloropac® MGPS.”

The EES concept was born two years ago when an Aberdeen-based oil rig operator contacted Evoqua to commission a MGPS supplied by a competing manufacturer.

“Since then we have often been called upon to service and maintain third-party electrochlorination cells and systems.  As that demand steadily grew, we made a conscious decision to help everyone in the marketplace and to actively marketing the service,” said Mcnally.

The new service is available for all marine, oil & gas, and power industry customers and has been designed to offer cost and performance efficiency across all mission critical marine growth prevention systems.

“These systems do need to be maintained, said McNally. “Regular prescriptive maintenance measures can safeguard against unit downtime while saving thousands of dollars in the replacement of electrochlorination cells.”

The prevention of marine growth in offshore oil and gas rigs, drill ships, FSPOs, FSOs and FSRUs is critical to operations. If, for example, untreated water is injected into an oil well and there is build up of marine organisms, production can stop. Reliquefaction processes can also be impacted, resulting in considerable downtime for operators and owners.

With a global network of service hubs in strategic locations around the world, Evoqua Electrochlorination Services can provide an immediate response to system failures while providing a cost-effective approach to electrochlorination system maintenance.

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