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ECG and IRU publish joint statement on e-CMR

ECG and IRU publish joint statement on e-CMR

ECG and IRU published today their joint statement on e-CMR calling for the swift ratification of the e-CMR Protocol by all Member States.


The application of e-CMR would bring with it very positive benefits for both companies and the environment alike: it would lead to less use of paper; no costs for archiving and transporting documents, as well as real-time processing of information in a multilingual environment. This makes logistics operations easier for the transporting company, the truck driver and the authorities.

Mike Sturgeon, Executive Director of ECG stated: “We are seeing incredible technological advances as the pace of change wrought by digitalisation continues to increase. However, it is essential that legislation catches up. The slow implementation of e-CMR is a classic example of bureaucracy holding back progress and preventing industry from delivering significant benefits.”

Zeljko Jeftic, Head - Global Innovation at IRU said: “e-CMR is key to the future of logistics operations and will play a critical role in the digitalisation of trade facilitation systems. Its recent launch for a transport between France and Spain proves the benefits of increased efficiency and reduced operational costs – and we look forward to seeing e-CMR rolled-out across more countries.”

The Protocol on the electronic consignment notes was signed in 2008 at a meeting of the Transport Committee of the UN Economic Commission for Europe and came into effect in 2011. To date only 11 countries have ratified it. These are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, France, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

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