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European seafarers improve maritime communications at sea

European seafarers improve maritime communications at sea

A major EU funded project is making way to look into ways of improving maritime communications at sea via using its unique approach in training seagoing personnel within EU member countries.


Almost a month into the EU funded (within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme KA2) PraC-MARENG (PRActical and Communication based MARitime ENGlish) project to bring practical and communication based learning approach into maritime education and training in an online platform. The consortium behind last week staged an opening ceremony in Marseille, France.

Key aim of the PraC-MARENG initiative include improving communication skills of EU seafarers improving shipping and port safety by elevating maritime education and training standards above IMO Module course 3.17.

By aiming for greater European mobility of seafarers, it is hoped that project will reduce the accidents that is reported to be contributed by communication error (40 percent).

The opening ceremony in Marseille was jointly organised by LAM FRANCE – which is based in Marseille at UMF premises – and MARITIME INNOVATORS (TR), Tuzla Kaymakamligi (District Governorship) (TR), Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LT), Constanta Maritime University (RO) and Spinaker (SI).

Ultimately, the consortium believes that what it is trying to achieve respond the needs of all seagoing staff and will collaborate with local and international bodies such as IMO. Mr. Ugurcan Acar, from MARITIME INNOVATORS, acting as coordinator of the project stated that “40 percent of the accidents at sea are contributed by communication error” adding “if one country is found to be safe, it does not make itself and whole seas safe in full as seas are international and there must be total safety in all world countries”

Partners now work on the Questionnaire and develop platform specifications at the first month of the project. The next partner meeting will take place in Lithuania in May 2020 to review the tasks and progress further.



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