3. Dominican Republic to support International visitors
Dominican Republic to support International visitors

Dominican Republic to support International visitors

The Dominican Republic has unveiled a roadmap for what it calls responsible tourism rehabilitation, outlining a number of programs including a government-paid travel assistance program for tourists until December 2020.


The Ministry of Tourism announced that travel assistance will be provided to all visitors staying in hotels that will pay for emergencies, telemedicine, accommodation for extended stays and flight change costs in the event of an outbreak. Until December 2020 the coverage will be given to tourists at no cost.

Initiatives have so far been focused on foreign tourists visiting hotels and resorts and are not yet expanding to cruise ships, but it is a first step towards restoring the tourism industry in the region.

According to President Luis Abinader Corona, the goal is to protect tourists' health, welfare and safety as well as to encourage a sustainable recovery of the tourism sector.

Rapid testing will be carried out on randomly selected travelers beginning in September and will eliminate the requirement for a negative COVID-19 test before arrival.

During visitors' stays social distancing and the use of masks will be mandatory.

A sanitary bubble will be created to ensure hotel workers remain inside the facilities for as long as possible.

Properties may also be expected to incorporate health management with vendors, contractors, and workers. The latter will be periodically checked and will follow a strict procedure for entry and exit from the facilities.

The strategy will be handled by a new tourism cabinet, headed by the president, and under the executive leadership of tourism minister David Collado.

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