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  3. DEME secures its largest ever dredging deal
DEME secures its largest ever dredging deal

DEME secures its largest ever dredging deal

On Friday, the Belgian dredging and offshore installation company DEME said it had won the largest contract ever for dredging and land reclamation.


For the Abu Qir port project in Egypt, the contract is for work. The project will see DEME's giant new cutter suction dredger "Spartacus" being introduced.

Although the contract was said to be a large one and its largest ever in dredging and reclamation space, the exact figure was not given by DEME. It did, however, state that a big contract applies to a contract worth more than EUR 300 million (around $357 million).

This project entails the reclamation of 1,000 hectares of new land, the deepening to 23 meters of the port's entry channel and the dredging to 22 meters of a turning basin.

DEME consortium member GIECO, Egypt's leading marine engineering firm, will conduct the marine works, including 6,800 m of quay walls for new berths, 8,800 m of breakwaters and soil improvement works.

DEME will deploy what it claims is "Spartacus" on the project, the world's most powerful cutter suction dredger (CSD). In 2021, the vessel will join DEME's fleet.

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