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  3. Damen works with Verolme for exhaust gas cleaning systems
Damen works with Verolme for exhaust gas cleaning systems

Damen works with Verolme for exhaust gas cleaning systems

Damen Shiprepair Harbor & Voyage (DSHV) has formed a agreement with Verolme Special Equipment for the delivery of exhaust gas cleaning (EGCS) facilities, commonly known as marine scrubbers.


The deal resulted from a common consensus that clients of both sides wanted greater availability of facilities for on-board scrubber installations – either in port or on-going. The collaboration will establish a leading regional EGCS service provider, promoting worldwide safer, emission-reduced shipping and accessible 24/7.

The solution is provided by removing GRE pipe systems and installing SMO on critical locations. Many systems were installed without proper material considerations and we see that (early) parts failure and severe corrosion damage is not uncommon. The partnership between Damen Shiprepair Harbour & Voyage and Verolme Special Equipment provides a comprehensive service for all possible problems.

Parties work with EGGS devices OEMs (in close collaboration). We are able to have the perfect solution along with a vast, own background in exotic materials such as SMO, Super Duplex, Titanium, all sorts of SS and GRE piping.

The service is provided around the globe 24/7 with a lead time of max 24-hour notice, prior to the vessel's attendance.

Therefore staff must attend and a appropriate recovery plan will be given after a site review to ensure that downtime is reduced to the minimum.

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