3. Damen Shipyard delivers new tug to Iskes
Damen Shipyard delivers new tug to Iskes

Damen Shipyard delivers new tug to Iskes

Damen Shipyards Group delivered an ASD Tug 2312 named Jupiter to Iskes in IJmuiden, The Netherlands, on May 25. The vessel will operate in IJmuiden and Amsterdam ports performing regular harbor towage duties and the tug is also capable of handling (crane)


“Iskes gave us a lot of valuable input for the design of this new class of tug. We often work together with our customers when developing new vessels – it’s a good way for us to make sure that the boats we build fully meet their requirements,” Damen sales manager Joost van der Weiden stated.

Iskes CEO Jim Iskes said, “We are very satisfied with the result. The ASD Tug 2312 is a compact vessel with a very high degree of maneuverability, required for operating in the ports of Amsterdam and IJmuiden. And notwithstanding her compact design, the vessel, with 60 tonnes BP, has ample power to perform every job at hand, to all sizes of vessels calling at the port.”

Damen signed the vessel's contract with Iskes at ITS Marseille in July 2018, and together with Iskes developed the ASD Tug 2312.

The tug is ready for the future, and is ready for IMO Tier III, including all required certification. The retrofitting of a Damen Selective Catalytic Reduction System is all that is required for the ASD Tug 2312 to meet the forthcoming regulations.

During the coronavirus crisis, Damen amended their delivery planning to ensure maximum safety. The vessel was intended to sail to the Netherlands on its own keel, but restrictions on travel made that difficult. The alternative was to have the tug borne on a heavy lift truck.

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