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  3. Damen delivers five zero-emission vessels to Arriva Denmark
Damen delivers five zero-emission vessels to Arriva Denmark

Damen delivers five zero-emission vessels to Arriva Denmark

Five zero-emission ferries were delivered to Arriva Denmark in Copenhagen by Damen Shipyards Group, which operates the vessels on behalf of Danish public transport agency Movia.


The 80-passenger vessels are based on the concept of Damen's E3-environmentally sustainable, running efficiently and economically viable.

The newbuilds are 23.3 meters in length, 5.6 meters in width and can achieve a top speed of 9 knots.

When Movia issued a public tender in Copenhagen for water-borne public transport, its aim was to upgrade the service , making it cleaner and more sustainable.

In particular, the ferries are making significant progress towards a zero-emission service, reducing the emissions of NOX from public transport in Copenhagen by 2.5%, CO2 emissions by 10% and particulate emissions by 66%.

A series of creative, automated shipbuilding techniques support the vessel's sustainable credentials. Computational fluid dynamics ( CFD) were applied to the hull design, minimizing water resistance, while the relationship between engine torque and propeller speed was measured by cutting edge software. This led to optimum use of battery packs for weight reduction, energy consumption.

Damen has taken on his position as integrator for this project, or as a full solution provider. For example, this involved investigating shore solutions for the supply of electricity – in line with Movia 's requirement that 60 percent of the electricity for the operation come from a sustainable source.

Working closely with Echandia Marine, Heliox and Staubli, Damen created a solution that takes just seven minutes at the end of each trip they make to charge the ferries. The charging solution features an advanced auto-mooring mechanism to ensure a safe vessel-to-charge infrastructure link.

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