3. Costa Cruises releases its new "Costa Safety Protocol"
Costa Cruises releases its new "Costa Safety Protocol"

Costa Cruises releases its new "Costa Safety Protocol"

Costa Cruises announced that it is waiting for the authorities' final sign offs to commence operations with its new program "Costa Safety Protocol" in place.


Carnival's Italian cruise brand said the protocols had been approved by a group of independent public health experts.

Costa reported that it has worked in line with many global and national health standards to establish new standards that embody a thorough range of measures and procedures, including crew members' protection when they return to work on board, the booking process, port, life and medical care operations on board and shore excursions.

For crew they will need two separate swab tests before leaving their home countries to determine suspected COVID-19 cases.

They are tested a third time upon arrival in Italy; those confirmed negative are allowed onboard while observing a quarantine period of 14 days. Every day, their health conditions are tracked with temperature checks and every month the swab tests are passed on to all crew.

The new experience begins with self-check-in and electronic health questionnaires for visitors at home.

There will be safety tests with guest temperature checks, conducted each time a guest comes off or on the ship, and at all the call ports included in the itinerary.

Self-service kiosks onboard will allow guests to test the temperatures.

"Life on board will also be redesigned by the new procedures – first and foremost by a reduction in the number of guests, in order to guarantee appropriate distancing and avoid public gatherings. The use of masks will be mandatory when indoor, while outdoor it will be required in all situations where distancing is not possible, according to the regulations valid onshore," Costa said in a statement.

The entertainment system has been changed to encourage smaller groups of people to get more shows during the day. As for catering, self-service restaurants will not be run and the Costa workers will deliver all meals.

Health treatment onboard will be open to all guests and crew around the clock.

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