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  3. Containership leaking oil at New Jersey Terminal
Containership leaking oil at New Jersey Terminal

Containership leaking oil at New Jersey Terminal

New Jersey is reportedly leaking oil into the harbor from a cargo ship that arrived at the Port of New York and New Jersey and docked at a terminal in Bayonne. The situation is being handled by a response team.


According to the US Coast Guard, after an oil sheen was seen near the container ship YM Mandate and the vessel triggered its authorised response plan, it was contacted by the National Response Center. 

The container ship 6572 TEU had arrived from Halifax at the New Jersey terminal and was scheduled to sail on her usual route to Savannah, Georgia. She is currently docked at the Global Terminal for Containers.

A maritime safety and security team from the Coast Guard in the region confirmed a small crack in the hull of the ship leaking fuel oil. The affected tank has a capacity of 462,297 gallons, according to the Coast Guard.

A unified command is responding, consisting of the Coast Guard, the Environmental Protection Department of New Jersey, and Gallagher Marine Systems.

The Coast Guard states that all leaking products are currently included in the boom and skimmer system. There is also the internal transfer of fuel oil from the affected tank.

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