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  3. China's polar icebreaker starts its first mission
China's polar icebreaker starts its first mission

China's polar icebreaker starts its first mission

The expedition that coordinated by the China Natural Resources Ministry to research biodiversity, ocean acidification, and chemical environment to improve the Arctic 's scientific understanding of climate change.


Xuez Long 2 (Snow Dragon 2) departed Shanghai with a team of Chinese scientists on board Wednesday to perform work in areas like the Chukchi Rise, Canada Basin and the Central Arctic Ocean, Xinhua reports. The trip is scheduled to cover about 12,000 nautical miles, and conclude at the end of September.

The icebreaking research vessel, delivered from the Jiangnan Shipyard in July 2019, began operations in October and completed its first voyage to the Antarctic in April.

The ship's diesel-electric propulsion system comprises two 16-cylinder and two 12-cylinder engines, all Wärtsilä 32-series designs, driving two 7.5-megawatt (MW) ABB Azipod propulsion systems that require speeds up to 15 knots in open water and 2-3 knots (ahead or astern) while continuously breaking through ice up to 1.5 meters thick plus 0.2 meters of snow.

The vessel is equipped with wet and dry facilities, a large aft working deck supported by several cranes, and a moon pool. The ship has accommodation for 90 scientists and crew, and ample capacity to resupply missions to the research stations.

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