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  3. Chemical tanker still waits in Brazil
Chemical tanker still waits in Brazil

Chemical tanker still waits in Brazil

Stena Premium, a tanker for chemical / oil goods, resides in the Port of Cabedelo, Brazil, where, according to the ship's president Northern Marine Management, she has been quarantined since April 27 due to positive cases of Covid-19 aboard.


In total, 12 of the 26 crew members have already tested positive for Covid-19 after quarantine, with two crew members receiving specialist offshore medical attention. Both crew members are still on shore now.

The company added that, after the initial quarantine, onboard Covid-19 mitigation steps such as self-isolation and routine sanitization of all related areas and surfaces have been introduced.

“It was hoped that the Stena Premium would be able to depart the Port on May 21 and resume her long-term charter in South America, having served a 14-day quarantine following testing done by the local health authority on May 7. However, 2 new positive results were revealed in the latest test, meaning the vessel is now further quarantined until June 4,” the company said.

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