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  3. Cargo ship catches on fire off Elafonisos, Greece
Cargo ship catches on fire off Elafonisos, Greece

Cargo ship catches on fire off Elafonisos, Greece

The Hellenic Coast Guard said a fire broke out on board a Togo-flagged general cargo vessel which was moored near Elafonisos, Greece.


The fire began on 11 November in the afternoon hours. So far its origin has not been determined.

The vessel has been named as the 6,500 dwt Al Hani with fourteen crew members on board. It came from Libya and was at the time of the incident, on its way to Turkey.

As the Coast Guard was notified, two patrol boats were immediately sent to the scene. The master and the seafarers onboard Al Hani were evacuated by one of the patrol boats.

On 12 November, firefighting teams managed to extinguish the fire. An inquiry has been conducted into the incident.

According to the Hellenic Coast Guard, the Port Authority of Neapolis Vion has banned Al Hani from leaving and has launched a process to impose administrative sanctions.

A private firm was reportedly hired by the shipowner to provide salvage services and manage the incident. So far no oil spill has been reported. Al Hani has suffered technological difficulties three times in 2020 alone. In addition, while anchored in Kerch Strait, Black Sea, in February this year the vessel suffered an explosion in the engine room.

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