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Bureau Veritas starts "Restart Your Business" Service

Bureau Veritas starts "Restart Your Business" Service

Bureau Veritas (BV) unveiled a new service and a new label – 'Safeguard' – to help companies around the world restart operations with acceptable levels of health and safety.


The aim of "Restart Your Business with BV" is to tackle the risks specific to any location where people live and work. Now it's exclusively available for cruise ships and passenger ferries integrating BV 's existing TIC capabilities around the shipping industry with its experience in marine and offshore classification.

Matthieu de Tugny, president BV Marine & Offshore, said: “We have worked to find a way to help passenger ship operators get back in business. Confidence is critical. Restart provides that confidence. Passengers, the crew and all stakeholders engaged in operations on board, in ports and in transit will be able to see that a ship has been assigned the Bureau Veritas ‘Safeguard’ label. By addressing the real risks, with transparency, the necessary trust and confidence can be fostered to support a safe restart and maintain operations thereafter.”

In partnership with a wide range of experts and stakeholders, Restart Your Business with BV was established and the applicability goes far beyond passenger ships, according to BV, which said the service is also appropriate for all ship types to help protect crew and staff health.

The application and implementation must be consistent – as must BV's auditing – in providing end-users with the required demonstration of assurance.

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