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Bureau Veritas performs its first drone survey

Bureau Veritas performs its first drone survey

Bureau Veritas Marine and Offshore (BV) completed their survey by drone in the holds of a bulk carrier. The survey has occurred in an Italian port.


The drone operator of the survey is certified by Bureau Veritas for both RIT and UTM. The testing was carried out on a bulk carrier and consisted of close up inspections and ultrasonic measurements of density (UTM) carried out by the drone in two cargo hold spaces.

Bureau Veritas carried out tests and developed "concept proof" for the most modern inspection techniques to confirm that the technologies provide safer and even higher quality evidence for performing and promoting the survey process while also offering benefits and advantages to shipowners and ship managers.

“This is another milestone in the Bureau Veritas global strategy of Digital Classification using digital technologies to transform the operating model of classification for the benefits of its clients. We are now ready to offer operational surveys using drones anywhere in the world. We will continue to look for innovation and test new ideas but drone surveys are now going to be part of everyday life for ship surveys. Above all drones provide a level of detail and new level of safety that will benefit both our clients and our surveyors," Laurent Leblanc, Senior Vice-President, Technical & Operations stated.

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