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Australia bans fishing and boating

Australia bans fishing and boating

COVID-19 regulations have abolished the ultimate means of self-isolation for many people, with authorities banning pleasure boating and recreational fishing.


But some states appear to have different views of what is still acceptable, with Queensland saying that fishing for food is allowed and Victoria threatening strict penalties for dropping a line. 

Restrictions placed by the federal government on Sunday evening were expected to mean that all recreational fishing and pleasure boating were no longer permitted.

Boating for 'important purposes' including commuting to work, shopping or supplying family food was allowed but on Wednesday waterways were still being used for other activities. 

Victoria Police has issued a note, allegedly to a man approached on his boat, warning that if he kept fishing he will face a $1,682 fine.

Maritime Safety Queensland [MSQ] on Tuesday had informed boat owners that authorities would be at ramps and on the water to ensure that people complied with federal regulations.

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