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  3. Astara Port becomes new shipping hub for Caspian area
Astara Port becomes new shipping hub for Caspian area

Astara Port becomes new shipping hub for Caspian area

The Port of Astara occupies 60 hectares and is the first private sector port in Iran. It is the closest and most cost-effective route between Asia, Africa and Europe for trade and transport.


"According to the plans, two regular transportation services will operate on this route weekly, one service from Astara to Aktau port and the other service is done from Anzali- Astara route to Aktau port. One of the most important effects of launching a regular container shipping service between Astara and the ports of Aktau and Astrakhan is reducing land transportation rates and breaking the monopoly of land transportation so that as soon as the news of the activation of these regular container shipping services was announced, the road transportation rate in the region decreased to one thousand dollars," stated Davood Tafti.

Located by the Caspian Sea, Astara has the Azerbaijan Republic's sea, land, and railway border points.

Even during the coronavirus outbreak, the port was considered one of the major export and import points for Iran.

The head of the Department of Ports and Maritimes of Astara said earlier in November that the weight of products exported and imported through the Port of Astara increased by 40 percent in the first eight months of the current Iranian year compared to the same span of the previous year.

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