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  3. Arctic tour ship got stuck in ice
Arctic tour ship got stuck in ice

Arctic tour ship got stuck in ice

Arctic tour ship named MS MALMÖ with climate change documentary film team got stuck in ice.


Svalbard flagged Arctic tour ship MS MALMÖ got stuck in ice on September 3 in Svalbard Archipelago, near islands between Norway and North Pole. 16 passengers and 7 crew remain on board. The passengers are including climate change documentary film team, and tourists. 

MS MALMÖ has been in service for the Swedish Maritime Administration as an ice-strenghtened pilot ship. She was built 1943 in Helsingborg Shipyard for the Maritime Administration. The MS MALMÖ offers bespoke wildlife, photography, diving, snorkelling and fishing expeditions to Spitsbergen and the fjords of Norway. 

16 passengers were evacuated by helicopter. 7 crew are still waiting for Coast Guard ship assistance. 

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