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  3. ARACON 2019 conference will be held in Rotterdam
ARACON 2019 conference will be held in Rotterdam

ARACON 2019 conference will be held in Rotterdam

ARACON will be one of the last major platforms before IMO 2020 for industry players to have their say on how the global 0.50% sulphur regulation will impact – and irrevocably change – the ARA and global bunker and shipping sectors.


Operational and technical hot topics, such as fuel quality and availability and supply chain management, will be comprehensively debated by industry experts. However, a key focus of this year’s ARACON will be on the commercial challenges and realities facing the industry after the tumultuous upheaval and recalibration caused by IMO 2020 and in the light of future environmental regulation.

ARACON 2019 conference topics will include:

·         IMO 2020-compliant fuel availability and quality

·         The scrubber + HSFO debate

·         Alternative fuels and propulsion technologies

·         Credit lines & credit reporting

·         Terms & Conditions and counterparty agreements

·         IMO 2020 regulation – enforcement, penalties and compliant fuel non-availability

·         Port perspectives – how ARA and other northern European ports view IMO 2020, the evolution of the bunker supply sector, and the provision of an alternative fuel delivery infrastructure

·         Q&A with fuel buyers

·         New technologies – from trading platforms to e-BDNs, blockchain to fuel measurement and contamination

·         The new order – post-2020 dynamics for physical suppliers, traders and brokers

·         The LNG bunkering debate

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