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  3. American Cruise Lines adds a new riverboat to its fleet
American Cruise Lines adds a new riverboat to its fleet

American Cruise Lines adds a new riverboat to its fleet

American Cruise Lines has taken delivery of a new Chesapeake Shipbuilding river boat in Salisbury, Md.


The 190-passenger American Jazz is the first of five new modern riverboats in the American series and will be added to the company's fleet on the Mississippi River. Despite the cruising pause this year, America's building plans have proceeded at full speed.

“American Jazz and the modern riverboats we currently have under construction demonstrate our commitment to leading the U.S. river cruise market by adding new small ships each year. The outlook for 2021 is tremendous, and we look forward to American Jazz’s first full season on the Mississippi, as well as the introduction of American Melody, the next new ship to follow in our modern riverboat series,” Charles B. Robertson, President & CEO of American Cruise Lines.

The small fleet of American ships has increased year after year as the company continues to add new vessels for operations on the Mississippi River, the Columbia River and the Snake River, and throughout the US Since 2017, American Cruise Lines has launched five new vessels; increasing its total fleet to 12 vessels in 2020, with more new buildings arriving in 2021 and 2022.

Last week, American Jazz successfully completed speed trials with the US Coast Guard onboard, an endurance sprint, and was extensively tested in all areas of safety and maneuverability.

American Jazz is the third modern riverboat of the Line following popular American Harmony launches in 2019, and American Song in 2018, the first modern riverboat in US history.

The American Jazz six deck features a proprietary opening bow and retractable gangway, as well as a multistory glass atrium in the ship's middle. American Jazz has many spacious indoor lounges, a large dining area, a fitness center and a modern studio for wellness yoga. American Jazz and all American's new ships are built with various outdoor lounges to provide spaces for social distance.

Standard staterooms range from 300 to 350 sq / ft-all with full height glass sliding doors and private balconies. The new ship also provides suites up to 650 sq/ft, and 250 sq/ft single staterooms.

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