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ABS launches digital emissions reporting tool

ABS launches digital emissions reporting tool

ABS has extended its industry-leading environmental enforcement service for shipowners and operators with the addition of another smart digital platform.


According to ABS, the ABS Emissions Reporter helps vessel operators to easily and efficiently input and track their IMO Data Collection System (DCS) and EU Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) analysis processes.

The self-service application keeps track of the status of the verification process and makes it easy to export the results and send them to the appropriate entity once the data has been checked by ABS engineering.

The ABS Emissions Reporter is the company's new digitally powered environmental compliance tool for shipowners and customers, following the February launch of the ABS Environmental Monitor sustainability solution.

ABS Environmental Monitor is one of the maritime industry's most comprehensive digital sustainability solutions, helping shipowners meet their sustainability targets. It is a key part of the ABS My Digital Fleet risk management platform.

Users receive consistent reports to promote and advise more sustainable vessel operations by leveraging vessel waste streams and emissions data. ABS Emissions Reporter and ABS Environmental Monitor understand each other better.

The application interface makes it simple for ship managers to upload IMO DCS and EU MRV vessel details, reporting data, and supporting documentation once they have registered.

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