3. Yang Ming receives one more 11,000 TEU ship
Yang Ming receives one more 11,000 TEU ship

Yang Ming receives one more 11,000 TEU ship

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp will take delivery of another 11,000 TEU new chartered vessel "YM Target" today, given the increased demand before the Chinese New Year and the service deployment of THE Alliance.


YM Target can be delivered with the assistance of the ship owner and can join Yang Ming's global fleet almost three months ahead of time. The vessel will be deployed on the Trans-Pacific route PN3 of THE Alliance and will provide an effective delivery service between Asia and the Pacific Northwest.

In the sequence, YM Target is the fourth to be delivered. This type of vessel has a nominal capacity of TEU 12,690 and is equipped with 1,000 reefer container plugs. These vessels are designed for sailing at speeds of up to 23 knots, with a length of 332.2 meters, a width of 48.2 meters and a draft of 16 meters.

In addition, to improve loading capacity and navigational visibility to ensure more efficiency and protection, these vessels follow the twin-island design.

Optimizing the ship's hull shape will further improve energy savings and reduce total emissions. In addition, the ships are designed to have a shorter length and beam, making it easier to maneuver during berthing or departure.

The container shipping industry has seen a surge in demand recently. The deployment of the four new vessels during the period will allow Yang Ming to optimize capacity utilization, significantly improve the quality of its service, and provide global customers with more excellent performance.

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