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  3. Women from Turkey and Greece call for peace
Women from Turkey and Greece call for peace

Women from Turkey and Greece call for peace

The Women's Initiative for Peace (WINPEACE), an organization created jointly by Turkish and Greek women, has called for a non-violent solution to the two countries' Eastern Mediterranean crisis.


WINPEACE was founded by Margarita Papandreou and Zeynep Oral following the 1996 crisis between Greece and Turkey over the Imia/Kardak, which nearly caused a war between the two countries.

"We, as women from Turkey, Greece, Cyprus Greek part and Cyprus Turkish part, are deeply concerned about the recent developments in the Eastern Mediterranean. Reckless statements by all relevant governments have brought our countries on the brink of war," organization said in a statement.

"For this reason, we call on our countries' governments to end their daily hostile statements and immediately start a dialogue for the purpose of sharing all the wealth hidden under the Mediterranean Sea," they added.

Over the past month, tensions between Ankara and Athens have risen in the East Mediterranean over Turkey's hydrocarbon exploration activities, as the claimed maritime boundaries of both countries overlap.

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