3. Windstar opens its new office in Miami, Florida
Windstar opens its new office in Miami, Florida

Windstar opens its new office in Miami, Florida

Windstar Cruises revealed today that in June 2022, it will move its headquarters from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida.


According to the group, the Miami office will house mainly cruise service functions as well as some direct support teams for operations.

Other roles such as marketing, revenue, accounting, and IT will have the option to transfer to parent company Xanterra's Denver office and work with team members there.

Xanterra Travel Collection, a Denver-based consortium of multinational hospitality and travel companies, owns Windstar Cruises.

“Windstar is poised for success in the small ship cruise segment. Our expert team is nimble and adaptable with many years of experience. We are looking forward to the advantages of a new Miami office, combining teams in Denver and collaborating remotely as we have done this past year,” commented Andrew N. Todd, CEO of Windstar Cruises and Xanterra Travel Collection. 

In June 2022, Windstar expects to open a new office in Miami and move shared/support services to Denver.

Depending on the job feature, Windstar expects some workers to operate remotely from the Seattle area and others to move to Miami or Denver.

A Miami office, according to Prelog, would be beneficial for building industry partnerships and attracting new talent because it is the heart of the cruise industry in the United States. It will also allow operations personnel in Miami to be closer to the line's ships and crews as they travel through Florida, as well as reduce flight times to the line's ships in Europe and the Caribbean.

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