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Van Oord introduces Green loan framework

Van Oord introduces Green loan framework

As part of their financing strategy, Van Oord has developed a Green loan system , the company stated in its release. Last week Rabobank and BNP Paribas negotiated the first Green Loans under the deal.


The Green Loans are related to Van Oord's Sustainability plan S.E.A. and are intended to finance the three new LNG trailing suction hopper dredgers currently being constructed in Singapore by Keppel FELS Limited.

The Green Loan is formulated as drawn up by the Loan Market Association, the official voice of the syndicated loan industry, according to the Green Loan Principles 2020.

The Green Loan Principles seek to promote economic activity which is environmentally friendly. 

The Green Framework for Van Oord includes the requirements which the vessels must follow in order to apply for this form of loan. One of the benefits of this Green Loan Framework is that in the future, more green loans will be applied to the scheme.

The new trailing suction hopper dredgers are part of Van Oord 's creative investment program and match in with Van Oord's goal to make their fleet more energy-efficient and economical. 

The vessels will get a Green Passport and Clean Ship Notation, and Van Oord will the its fleet's pollution by using LNG.

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