3. UZMAR and Port of Aarhus sign a contract for a tugboat
UZMAR and Port of Aarhus sign a contract for a tugboat

UZMAR and Port of Aarhus sign a contract for a tugboat

The contract for a newbuild tugboat of the RAmparts 3000 series is signed between Port of Aarhus and UZMAR Shipyard on May 29th over the video call, the shipbuilder announced.


“Towing is very much about strength and precision, and when the Port of Aarhus now chooses to invest in a new tugboat, these parameters have also been the focus. But also sustainability has played a significant role in deciding the tug boat replacement.” Customer Manager Nicolai Krøyer stated.

Compared to the tug which it will replace, the tug is far more environmentally friendly and highly effective.

The new tugboat is also significantly bigger than the 40-year-old tugboat, Hermes.  The new vessel has 65 tons of bollard pull, more than Hermes is 20 tonnes.

The Port of Aarhus will now be able to support East Jutland Fire Department with the latest tugboat from the waterside in the future, as it will be fitted with a fire fighting system.

Turkey's UZMAR Shipyard is well known for its flagship projects such as "The first RAL concept to be constructed in Turkey" or "Canada's first IMO TIER III tugboat," launched in 2019.

UZMAR was also awarded for being the world's fastest builder of tugboats in previous years. Mr. Noyan Altuğ, board chairman of UZMAR, says they are very excited to be the solution partner for this initiative. "I believe the environment-friendly tug we are to build for Port of Aarhus will serve an efficient duty in their fleet and will be one of our signature projects."

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