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  3. U.K Government aims to track ship emissions with using satellites
U.K Government aims to track ship emissions with using satellites

U.K Government aims to track ship emissions with using satellites

One of five projects recently awarded UK government funding through the country's Space Agency is an effort aimed at helping to track and reduce carbon emissions from shipping.


Satellite analytics will be used by the University of Leicester to track shipping fleets' greenhouse gas and pollution emissions, ushering in a new strategy that could help shipping companies cope with climate change.

The University will collaborate with Redshift Associates Ltd to develop analytics to track ships' emissions of carbon and waste, with a new approach to emission audits.

"SPRINT has developed a novel approach to knowledge exchange and industry/university collaboration for the space sector. We’ve spent the last two years building and demonstrating the efficacy of our approach and this new partnership with the UK Space Agency is a great milestone for us to further our mission to support business growth through university collaboration, " said Ross Burgon, Head of the national SPRINT program.

The financing of the UK Space Agency will see the sponsorship of innovative space projects from the National Space Research and Innovation Network for Technology (SPRINT), with industry working alongside university scientists. To help companies produce new commercial products, SPRINT offers access to university space expertise and facilities.

"The SPRINT approach makes it much easier for both companies and academics to build successful, productive and collaborative partnerships that are focused on growing the space sector and that also demonstrate the increasing benefits of space sector knowledge in addressing challenges across many other sectors," he added.

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