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  3. Third stage of "Sea Cup 2020" competition started
Third stage of "Sea Cup 2020" competition started

Third stage of "Sea Cup 2020" competition started

The Black Sea Fleet (BSF) has started the third stage of selecting ship crews to take part in the "Sea Cup" competition in preparation for the 2020 Army International Games, RF Defense Ministry's press center reports.


The best surface ship crew in handling missile arms will be decided during the current stage.

The "Admiral Essen" frigate sailors and the "Samum" air-cushion rocket ship's men, who have taken first places in their units, must compete against each other.

Combat crews must execute activities for speed and precision as part of training. Rocket launches will be conducted electronically based on the real algorithm used for the use of rocket weapons.

This training stage is supervised by Vice Admiral Sergei lipilin, deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet.

During the "Sea Cup" competition, ship crews compete for the right to become the best in nearly three dozen categories, including "best commander of a 3-4 tier tactical group of ships," "best commander of a rocket and artillery ship," as well as the best anti-submarine officers, minesweeping, landing ships, combat unit leaders, units, and ship crews.

The winners in each category will form a Black Sea Fleet team to defend the fleet's honor in the final stage of the competition, held on the basis of the Navy's "Kuznetsov Naval Academy" Military Training and Research Center.

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