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  3. The yacht regatta Khersones Sailing Ship Cup held in Crimea
The yacht regatta Khersones Sailing Ship Cup held in Crimea

The yacht regatta Khersones Sailing Ship Cup held in Crimea

"Khersones Sailing Ship Cup" took place in Cape Tarkhankut from 18 to 19 July, as part of the "EXTREME Crimea 2020" festival, which is becoming increasingly important for fans of extreme sports and modern music every year.


The yacht regatta is normally held in Sevastopol and Yalta every year, but for the first time this year it was held at Tarkhankut, where the festival takes place.

The emblem of this regatta, attended by 15 cruising yachts, is the famous Khersones sailing vessel of the Crimean branch of the FSUE "Rosmorport" which arrived from Sevastopol seaport at the regatta location.

Traditionally the regatta gathers yachts of various age categories.

The Khersones sailing ship's captain, Alexander Onishchenko, welcomed all the participants at the regatta and wished them success and equal wind.

Competing began with a traditional sailboat parade. The yachts proceeded on the starboard side of the Khersones sailing ship, standing on the assault on Karadzhinsky Bay, thereby welcoming the famous sailing ship's crew.

The race route passed along the Karadzhinsky Bay coast.

The Khersones sailing ship, from which a signal was given to the start of the regatta, became the main point and some form of turning point for the race route.

The winners received the Khersones Cup, the highest prize of the yacht regatta, as well as cash prizes from the organizers of this fantastic sporting event, in line with the performance of two days of the competition.

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