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  3. Tersan Shipyard has launched Jan Maria
Tersan Shipyard has launched Jan Maria

Tersan Shipyard has launched Jan Maria

Tersan Shipyard launched NB1108, Freezer Stern Factory Trawler built for a subsidiary of Parlevliet & Van der Plas; Nordbank Hochseefischerei GMBH from Germany .


With building number NB1108, the vessel is soon to be named Jan Maria. 88,1 meters long and 18,3 meters wide Jan Maria will be outfitted with fully integrated on board grading, filleting, processing and freezing systems. The vessel will be capable for triple trawling and outfitted with a shrimp factory, an advanced fillet factory and a fishmeal and fish oil factory plant. Additionally there will be arrangements for fully automatic freezing system for fillet and shrimps (including tunnels).

She is arranged with cargo holds with individual cooling elements. Decks will be made from steel and will be painted with special anti-skid paint system for safe forklift operation. Besides, there will be a transport system for palletized products from processing deck to cargo holds and the pallets will be individually wrapped before taking into cargo holds.

A great number of Parlevliet & Van der Plas company representatives and guests have attended to the ceremony held in Tersan Shipyard. The CEO of Parlevliet Van Der Plas, Mr. Diek Parlevliet has stated about their pleasure for the cooperation they have with Tersan Shipyard “Mark and Kirkella which Tersan Shipyard built for Parlevliet Van der Plas Group before, are the best trawlers fishing in Northern Atlantic. We are sure Jan Maria will be a better trawler owing to the latest technologies she has on board. Thanks to Tersan Shipyard and their team for their cooperation to build our dream vessel”


The Skipsteknisk designed vessel will have accommodation up to 45 people on board with spacious and comfortable living places. Having 7000 kW Wärtsilä main engine, Jan Maria will be capable for efficiently trawling in icy and arctic waters.

General Manager of Tersan Shipyard Mr. Mehmet Gazioğlu “This project is very important for our shipyard and country because; Jan Maria is equipped with the latest technologies and she represents our strong and future partnership with Parlevliet and Van der Plas Family”


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