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  3. Tersan Shipyard and FJORD1AS are expanding their collaboration with deliveries and new projects
Tersan Shipyard and FJORD1AS are expanding their collaboration with deliveries and new projects

Tersan Shipyard and FJORD1AS are expanding their collaboration with deliveries and new projects

Tersan Shipyard, a renowned name in shipbuilding industry, proudly announces the new contracts for the building of four pcs of autonomous ferries and also the successful deliveries of two state-of- the-art electric ferries for Fjord1 AS, leading Norwegian


These vessels all mark significant milestones in sustainable maritime transportation.

New Contracts For Four Autonomous Ferries

In an exciting development, Fjord1 and Tersan Shipyard have inked a groundbreaking contract for the construction of four autonomous ferries. These cutting-edge vessels will revolutionize coastal transport, combining efficiency, safety, and innovation.

Designed by HAV Design AS of Norway, 120 meters long, Fjord1’s new autonomous ferries will enhance connectivity across Lavik-Oppedal connection starting from 1 September 2026 aiming to provide seamless travel experiences for passengers. Each vessel will have a capacity of 399 passengers including the crew and 120 passenger cars. Replacing manual functions with high degree of autonomous functions, a land-based control center is being planned to monitor and potentially remotely control the ferries. Enumerated with hull numbers NB1130, NB1131, NB1132, NB1133, four ferries are planned to be delivered during the 1st half of 2026.

“Fjord1 is pleased to be back again in Tersan extending the relations also for next generation of ferries, and combining signing of new contracts with the delivery of MF Norddalsfjord” said Arild Austrheim, Head of Newbuilding from Fjord1 AS.


Tersan Shipyard Delivers Two Cutting-Edge Ferries to Fjord1: SUNNYLVSFJORD and NORDDALSFJORD


The battery-electric ferry, SUNNYLVSFJORD, has been meticulously crafted at Tersan Shipyard. With a length of 84.0 meters, she boasts a capacity of 248 passengers (including crew), 80 cars and 6 trailers. Fjord1 will deploy SUNNYLVSFJORD on the Stranda-Liabygda route, enhancing connectivity and eco- friendly travel options for commuters. Designed by HAV Design AS of Norway, this ferry exemplifies cutting-edge technology and environmental consciousness. Sunnylvsfjord has been delivered as of 29th January 2024 and left Tersan Shipyard on 12th February.


Following closely, the sister ship NORDDALSFJORD is poised to serve the Eidsdal-Linge route. Like its counterpart, NORDDALSFJORD features battery propulsion and fast-charging capabilities.

Norddalsfjord has been delivered on 29th February to Fjord1 AS. Sunnylvsfjord and Norddalsfjord have been the eighth and ninth vessels delivered to Fjord1 since 2017. With a commitment to reduce emissions, Fjord1 and Tersan continues to lead the way in sustainable maritime solutions.

Mr. Mehmet Gazioğlu CEO of Tersan Shipyard, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are again honored to collaborate with Fjord1, a visionary partner committed to environmental stewardship. Together, we are shaping the future of maritime transportation. With the deliveries of two ferries and contracts for four new ferries, Fjord1 and Tersan have strengthened their collaboration. Considering the challenges ahead in terms of building autonomous vessels while the autonomous rules and regulations are being developed simultaneously, we are more than glad that we have been awarded with these contracts representing the trust we have built in Fjord1”

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