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Star Clipper to return to Mediterranean in 2022

Star Clipper to return to Mediterranean in 2022

The Star Clipper returns to the Mediterranean for the Star Clippers season of 2022.


The cruise ship sailing in Southeast Asia will leave Safaga, Egypt in April 2022 on a one-off voyage between Safaga and Athens as part of the move.

According to the press release announcing the news, this cruise will "offer guests the unique opportunity to pass through the artificial sea-level waterway (Suez Canal) which connects the Mediterranean to the Red Sea." The journey will last for 10 days and will end in Athens.

With seven to nine-day cruises between Athens and Istanbul in April and May 2022, Star Clipper's next Mediterranean voyage will take place in the Eastern Mediterranean.

From June 2022 onwards, she will be sailing in the Western Mediterranean, offering both open-jaw and round trip cruises from Rome and Cannes through October 2022. The lengths of cruises vary between five and seven days.

A 10-day trip between Rome and Lisbon will be her last confirmed West Mediterranean voyage.

This transfer will mark the first time the Star Clipper has rejoined her sister ships in the Mediterranean since 2016, the Royal Clipper and Star Flyer.

In March 2022, the ship is scheduled to complete its 2021-2022 Southeast Asian season in Thailand.

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