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  3. SMM Digital to stream online conference from 2 to 5 February 2021
SMM Digital to stream online conference from 2 to 5 February 2021

SMM Digital to stream online conference from 2 to 5 February 2021

The 29th edition of SMM will be organized as a digital conference because of the current situation triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.


SMM DIGITAL will offer an attention-grabbing program over four days, streamed on two channels featuring foreign top-flight speakers.

Both conferences will be live-streamed to the computer screens of participants. In addition, at the Hamburg exhibition complex, a variety of discussion panels and interviews were pre-recorded in the dedicated SMM studio.

The conference will be moderated by Carmen Hentschel, a digital expert, and David Patrician, an American journalist.

For all participants, the whole programme will be free of charge. This year, from industry experts and SMM fans through to curious first-time participants, we made this decision to make all the expert knowledge available to a broader industry audience.

The program will start with the Summit on the Maritime Future. Artificial intelligence, digitalisation and big data are among the focal topics.

The Offshore Dialogue will discuss how humanity can turn the power of the wind and the oceans to energy. In addition, technologies for ocean tracking and eco-friendly dismantling of offshore equipment will be highlighted.

Two online streams, the Conference Stream featuring the well-established, discipline-specific SMM conferences and the Open Stream, comprise SMM DIGITAL.

Conference Stream panel viewers will send questions online, which will then be presented at the end of each session to the top-flight panellists.

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