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SMM Digital starts free online conferences today

SMM Digital starts free online conferences today

SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology), the world's largest maritime trade fair, will be completely interactive when it opens its doors from 2-5 February 2021.


Under the slogan "Driving the Maritime Transition," this year's fair is held free of charge and brings together movers and shakers in shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology to concentrate on artificial intelligence, big data, hydrogen and sustainability in various live streams.

The programme of SMM DIGITAL will be streamed on two channels with top international speakers. Both conferences will be live-streamed to the computer screens of participants.

In the dedicated SMM studio in Hamburg, a number of discussion panels and interviews were pre-recorded. On the second "Open Stream", this captured content will be transmitted.

With the "Maritime Future Summit" on artificial intelligence, digitalization and big data, SMM launches on Tuesday. The Open Stream parallel will explain how, in the coming years, the Port of Hamburg can develop itself as a significant hydrogen center.

The "Offshore Dialogue" event on how to harness and turn wind and sea power into energy will follow this. Technologies for ocean tracking and eco-friendly dismantling of offshore equipment are other issues on the agenda.

Industry experts will exchange views on the role of shipping in resolving the climate crisis during the Global Maritime Environment Congress (gmec) on Wednesday.

MS&D will highlight maritime safety and defence at the closing event on Friday and will include experts investigating current and future threats at sea, including cybercrime.

SMM has been held at the Hamburg Messe und Congress (HMC) exhibition complex every two years since 1963. 

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