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Shipserv to launch new maritime trading platform for Blue Economy

Shipserv to launch new maritime trading platform for Blue Economy

The world's leading maritime trading platform, ShipServ, has announced the launch of its new platform, designed to help maritime buyers and suppliers seize the social , economic and environmental opportunities.


The new platform has been strengthened with a view to promoting best practices in sustainable trade, in line with the Blue Economy's prospects and the need to push the maritime industry's sustainability standards to boost society and health, and to reduce its effect on the environment.

The new framework has also been developed in order to reduce the uncertainty of maritime trade and to allow use of the latest standards and processes to ensure protection in the digital shipping industry.

Maritime purchasers will be able to see the sustainability credentials of suppliers more clearly on the new ShipServ platform and can assess the performance of a supplier, as well as their economic , social and environmental capabilities.

Maritime suppliers will also have the opportunity to promote their environmental and broader sustainability standards in order to lift their star ratings and boost their competitiveness beyond the simple price of their goods and services in the eyes of their customers.

ShipServ will also aim to further improve the sustainability features of the platform as part of a phased strategy, including monitoring and benchmarking, as well as increasing the visibility of sustainably-conscious and accredited suppliers in front of customers looking for their goods and services.

The merger of data from different systems and sources into a single, open marketplace is another key development for the platform.

This will have the opportunity to communicate more directly with each other for maritime buyers and suppliers, improving connectivity in a clear, insight-rich and collaborative digital environment.

A key advancement within the new ShipServ platform has also been to develop a simpler and more stable trading environment. ShipServ has now formed partnerships with all major marine and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software providers, allowing for a fast and easy link to the operating system of any ship owner or complete incorporation into their IT infrastructure.

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