3. Shipbuilding Industry of Turkey is getting wider
Shipbuilding Industry of Turkey is getting wider

Shipbuilding Industry of Turkey is getting wider

The shipyards, according to the facility definition in the local regulations, the under operation raised up to 80 as of August 2019while it was only 37 in 2002. The quantity of shipyards under construction are 22 and 15 areas that are defined as shipyard.


Some of the operative shipyards in Turkey still continue the modernization and extension operations but on the other hand, due to the global economic crisis, some of them suspend or cancel their modernization or extension projects because of the sanctions applied by the banks on the shipyards. Furthermore, shipyards which are under construction in different cities of Turkey, have beenalso affected from the global economic crisis. 

Before 2003; maximum tonnage of 16.000 DWT ship orders (as in one piece) could be taken. By 2007, it has raised up to 180.000 DWT but unfortunately the construction did not start due to the economic crisis. Most of the ships constructed in Turkish shipyards are built for export. Especially between 2002-2009, almost the total amount of these ships were exported to the EU member countries. By the end of 2012, orders in our yards was decreased to 0,5 million DWT. Due to the lack of new orders, the shipyards are now mostly concerned, with repair and maintenance facilities. In 2013, in Turkish shipyards 15.755.206 DWT of repair and maintenance had been done. As of 2014, it was approximate 20.000.000 DWT and in 2018 it raised up to 22.000.000 DWT.

In 2002, Turkish shipyard’s capacity was 550.000 DWT. In 2017 it has reached up to 4,44 million DWT which means a growth more over 6 times than 2002.As of April 2018, 30 floating docks and 10 dry docks are operative in Turkey.

Turkish shipyards have a good reputation in building of small and medium tonnage chemical tankers. By April 2019, Turkey was in the 7th place according to quantity among the countries which take tanker orders. Turkish shipowners worldwide orders consist of 107 ships about 1,8 million DWT as of April 2019.

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