3. Seabourn Cruise Line announces its 2022 world cruise
Seabourn Cruise Line announces its 2022 world cruise

Seabourn Cruise Line announces its 2022 world cruise

Seabourn has announced its world cruise of 2022, a 145-day trip on the Seabourn Sojourn, visiting 72 destinations and ports on five continents in 28 countries.


The Seabourn Sojourn will leave for Los Angeles on January 11, 2022 and fly westbound, visiting Hawaii, the South Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, a variety of destinations in Asia, Arabia, Africa, before finishing in Athens, Greece on June 6, 2022.

Seabourn's return to Egypt since 2014, with an overnight stay planned for Safaga (Luxor), as well as a stopover at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, are among the notable highlights. The 2022 world cruise is now available for sale, and the whole itinerary can be found on the Seabourn website.

“Our 2022 World Cruise promises to be an extraordinary journey across the world, whether guests take the full world cruise or join us on one of the many segments, they will visit many of the world’s most prized destinations and immerse themselves in diverse cultures. With so many of us limited on travel this year, booking a Seabourn world cruise for 2022 offers a much-needed extraordinary experience to look forward to and chance to explore the world around us," said Josh Leibowitz, president of Seabourn.

The trip, the company reported, would involve 20 overnights and late stays at 21 ports.

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