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Sanmar introduces new tug designs

Sanmar introduces new tug designs

After investing in new models with more strength and higher stability, the Turkish shipbuilder agreed to halt marketing and construct their 25-year old designs.


After building more than 75 of these vessels since 1995, it has discontinued early Sanmar, Dogancay and Ulupinar harbour, and coastal towage tugs. It has built 31 Sanmar series tugs, 26 Dogancay and 20 Ulupinar series in that period.

Over the last decade , a new breed of tug design has replaced those. The new designs for power, performance, manoeuvrability and reliability are optimised.

As Sanmar vice president Ali Gurun said to Tug Technology & Business earlier in June, these designs have higher fuel performance , lower emissions and better comfort for the crew compared to the series now discontinued.

The Yenicay series from Sanmar is based on the RAscal 1800, and is a compact harbor tug with a high-performance Z-drive. Its hullform has been designed in all modes of service for sea-keeping, maneuverability and stability as the tug is equipped for line handling and handling of small ships.

"We have concentrated on increasing quality, manoeuvrability, crew comfort and safety, and vessel performance. Now, fuel efficiency and lower emissions, low maintenance requirements and cost optimisation have become important factors," Gurun explained. 

“Our tugs have dozens of upgrades from sound insulation to engine and thruster applications, from electrical improvements to piping, from window thickness to paint thickness. Our tugs are very special,” he added.

Sanmar is optimistic that these replacements, the Bozcay, Yenicay, and Sirapinar series will attain the same degree of acceptance and popularity with discerning customers worldwide as their predecessors, and invite you to learn more in the website's product section.

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