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Russian Fishery Company launched a marathon

Russian Fishery Company launched a marathon

On August 28, 2020, the first stage of the Clean Coast Ecological Marathon was held on the sea coast of Shchitovaya Bay to clean up area from garbage.


The event was organized with the help of the Russian Fishery Corporation, with the involvement of the Leninsky District of Vladivostok Territorial Administration, the Vladivostok City Youth Administration and the "Regional Student Team" Public Organization.

The idea for the initiative belongs to the Russian Fishery Company, one of whose charitable projects aims to conserve and protect water supplies and to draw the public to pollution problems.

The participants cleaned the coastal area of rubbish, mounted garbage bins on the bay's territory, and also placed campaign stands encouraging environmental protection.

The organizers sorted out the waste collected and distributed it for use. The activists collected more than 200 garbage bags at the natural object's shores in total.

The problem of garbage pollution is very serious, plastic and other synthetic materials don't decompose in the environment , causing tremendous harm to all living conditions for hundreds of kilometers from places of organized garbage accumulations.

A number of measures for the conservation of the environment and environmental education was designed within the context of the Environmental Marathon.

The Clean Coast Ecological Marathon organizers remind that each of us will benefit from nature and protect our own health by following the basic rules of environmental responsibility: to avoid illegal dumps, to ensure garbage collection and distribution.

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