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  3. Royal Caribbean announces its plan to get crew home
Royal Caribbean announces its plan to get crew home

Royal Caribbean announces its plan to get crew home

Royal Caribbean International is planning a new strategy to use both ships and private charter flights to bring its crew home to 60 different countries.


The Vision will depart from Miami on May 15, sailing to St. Kitts, Dominica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Trinidad and St. Vincent; the Rhapsody will depart from Miami on May 13, sailing to Cartagena, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize; the Adventure will departure from the Bahamas on May 9 and set course for Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

The Harmony heads with Filipino crew from different company ships to Barbados, where the company will have charter flights going to Manila. Charter flights will also take place from Miami to Manila, with the Liberty of the Seas going to Miami.

The Anthem of the Seas will have a long journey, heading to India on June 3 for a port call.

Indonesian crew meanwhile will be moved to Explorer and Enchantment. Charter flights departing from Bridgetown are available for crew aboard the Explorer and crew aboard the Enchantment from Miami.

The Ukraine and Romanian crew will be moved to the Navigator of the Seas on board the company's ship, which will then dock in Miami and charter flights will be taken home by the passengers.

Charter flights home will also be disembarked by the US passengers.

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