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  3. Rotterdam Port performs trial with water injection dredging
Rotterdam Port performs trial with water injection dredging

Rotterdam Port performs trial with water injection dredging

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is currently investigating whether the extension of its latest dredging program with water injection dredging in Rotterdam will be realistic, the company said in its release.


The current study fits within the PRISMA research program of the Port Authority, which explores modern methods of dredging and how sediment responds to these techniques. The aim of PRISMA is to boost the dredging efficiency in the port region and to reduce the carbon emissions associated with it.

The Port Authority is responsible for maintaining the basins and waterways of Rotterdam at the depths necessary. About 5 million cubic meters of dredged material is collected from the port basins per year.

Dredging for water injection is seen as the most promising method of extracting clean sediment for maintenance purposes along berths and waterways. The process involves pumping water into the project site's soil. This produces a homogeneous water and sediment mixture, which then flows under the influence of gravity and/or currents in a particular direction.

The Port Authority has conducted water injection dredging trials at Calandkanaal over the past two years, having set up a sludge repository in the waterway for this purpose.

Dredging costs at the site have been minimized by injecting the soil with water once every 6 to 8 weeks rather than draining it with a trailing suction hopper dredger. In addition , water injection dredging is used at difficult-to - access sites in the port area, as well as at regularly occupied berths.

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