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  3. Rosmorport plans to add its fleet 24 new vessels
Rosmorport plans to add its fleet 24 new vessels

Rosmorport plans to add its fleet 24 new vessels

FSUE Rosmorport maintains that its new building program for 2020-2023 includes the addition of 24 new vessels to its fleet.


After January of this year, the company's fleet has been increased to include ten new buildings: five tugs, three small vessels of different class and two newest pilot ships powered by hybrid propulsion. In December, Rosmorport plans to launch a powerful 25MW diesel-electric linear icebreaker and a pair of hopper barges.

In addition, in 2021-2022, Rosmorport will add to its fleet two new generation car and train ferries, five tugboats, an inshore survey vessel (HSV), one multipurpose vessel and one skimmer / oil boom workboat.

The completion of the 2020 fleet repair plan in H1, 2020 is 6% ahead of schedule.

Loading / unloading output at Russian seaports remained unchanged at H1 2019 (410.5 million tonnes) in the first half of 2020. Ship calls fell to 97,200 units by 3,400 boats.

Fixed asset maintenance and repair work in the reporting period is completed by 92 pecent. The maintenance dragging plan was exceeded by 11 percent, reaching 3.5 millionth cbm of material with an annual plan of 8.2 million cbm.

FSUE Rosmorport is Russia's main owner of coastal and port facilities, auxiliary and diesel icebreaker fleets. A fleet of 36 icebreakers of various capability and types, the largest in the world, is part of the economic management of the organization.

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